The QCC Team
We take pride in our work to deliver the best  quality cleanrooms, guaranteed!
17 years of Excellent Cleanroom Services
Cleanroom Construction
Established in 1999, Quality Cleanroom Construction has built up a client base that has turned to us over the years for new builds as well as modifications and remodelling of their Clean rooms. We aim to provide the end user with a facility that works for them in the present and the future.
Our customers include manufacturing, research, public health and consultancy organisations. Our experience enables us to offer a very broad range of skills. We can provide a fresh look at customers’ requirements as well as providing well thought out solutions based on knowledge and experience.

Our expertise include:

  • Cleanroom design & specification for research, manufacturing and processing.

  • Aseptic manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, devices, hospital pharmacies & radio pharmacies, etc )

  • Medical device and equipment design and procurement.

  • Specialist laboratory design. Over the past 15 years our responsibilities have included the Managing and installation of over 50 clean facilities, including ground breaking research (stem cell etc) and manufacturing units. Many of the units have been for aseptic processing of pharmaceuticals and biological products at manufacturing, research and hospital facilities in the UK and abroad.

  • Installations have also included secure server rooms and cold rooms as well as Nuclear facilities in the UK and a microprocessor facility for a space agency in India.

  • Liaising between Client and main contractor and local authorities to solve and satisfy any issues that may arise. Also handling the logistic element of the installation.